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NCO Previous Year Papers

No exam preparation is ever complete without attempting the Previous Year Papers. When you attempt the previous year papers, you get to know the exam pattern, section-wise distribution of questions, the difficulty level of questions, time management and also get an idea about the topics that are generally covered.

NCO Previous Year Papers are the actual papers which have been used in the last terms. They give us a good insight of what kind of questions have been asked, what would be the difficulty level and how to manage time. You get a hands-on experience of how the paper would look like. Each NCO Paper is divided into 3 sections :

(i) Logical Reasoning
(ii) Questions based on NCO Syllabus
(iii) Achiever's section which mostly serves as the tie breaker.


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You can also purchase NCO Previous 6 Year's Papers which are part of our Learner's Package.
NCO Previous Year's Papers are downloadable in PDF format. You can also download the PDF format of OMR Sheet for practice.

At SOF Olympiad Trainer, we provide NCO Previous Year Papers PDF of the last 6 years (1 set each) for classes 1 to 10.
These papers are given along with the answers.

NCO Previous Year Paper For Class 1

NCO Previous Year Paper For Class 2

NCO Previous Year Paper For Class 3

NCO Previous Year Paper For Class 4

NCO Previous Year Paper For Class 5

NCO Previous Year Paper For Class 6

NCO Previous Year Paper For Class 7

NCO Previous Year Paper For Class 8

NCO Previous Year Paper For Class 9

NCO Previous Year Paper For Class 10

Additional Preparatory Content

Evaluate your preparation using these Previous Year Papers PDF. You can also look at other study materials on our website, such as Mock Tests, if you want to improve your mark and rank. Additionally, we offer reports and analyses that are very helpful for your planning. We advise you to purchase the appropriate content for yourself on SOF Olympiad Trainer in order to stay one step ahead and take joy in your Olympiad training.

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You can get a NCO Previous Year Paper FREE, when you register with us. You can download the paper along with the OMR sheet or attempt the paper online.

6 Previous Year Papers are available for NCO.

"Our NCO Previous Year Papers are different from others as only our portal provides the solution with an explanation for each and every question."

"Through NCO Previous Year Papers you can check your preparation level and know your weak areas and your strengths. It also familiarizes you with the real exam pattern as they are the original PYP's of last 6 years."