Article - 5

The Latin Abbreviations i.e., e.g., etc. & et al.

English language as we use in our day to day life comprises of several abbreviations that belong to the Latin origin. Let's have a look....

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Article - 4


The Cricket fever is on. Let's look into some of the Interesting terms we come across in a game of Cricket.

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Article - 3


Animation is a filmmaking technique where the illusion of motion is created frame-by-frame. The word comes from the Latin word "anima," meaning "life" or "soul".

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Article - 2

Vocabulary - 2

English can be confusing sometimes. We have listed a few words that need special attention due to their mixed set of meaning and usage.

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Article - 1

Vocabulary - 1

Vocabulary can be defined as a fundamental tool required for communicating and obtaining knowledge. In order to expand your vocabulary, you need to learn new words that might help you convey.....

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