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IGKO Previous Year Papers

While preparing for IGKO exam, we all compete with ourselves and our peer group and try to exceed our own expectations. For that to happen, we need to familiarize ourselves with the best and the latest IGKO content available in the market.
Also we need to know and be hands on with, on how the IGKO exam paper will turn out to avoid any surprises. The best way to do this is to go through the IGKO Previous Year Papers. When the exam is big and popular as the International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO), it becomes even more important.

IGKO Previous Year Papers show the types and difficulty level of questions that come for the exam. For the IGKO exam and any competitive exams, SOF previous year papers are essential.
Students can determine the sort of question and its level of difficulty by consulting the SOF IGKO Previous Year Paper.


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You can also purchase NSO Previous 6 Year's Papers which are part of our Learner's Package.
NSO Previous Year's Papers are downloadable in PDF format. You can also download the PDF format of OMR Sheet for practice.

Here, at SOF Olympiad Trainer we provide IGKO Previous Year Papers of the last five years in order to help you in preparation. These papers are given along with the answers and solutions.

IGKO Previous Year Paper For Class 1

IGKO Previous Year Paper For Class 2

IGKO Previous Year Paper For Class 3

IGKO Previous Year Paper For Class 4

IGKO Previous Year Paper For Class 5

IGKO Previous Year Paper For Class 6

IGKO Previous Year Paper For Class 7

IGKO Previous Year Paper For Class 8

IGKO Previous Year Paper For Class 9

IGKO Previous Year Paper For Class 10

Additional Preparatory Content

The IGKO syllabus is structured in accordance with the present class syllabus. A conceptually oriented question with a high level of difficulty will be asked in the SOF IGKO exam. The sample papers will provide students with a practical overview of the exam questions and the key subjects that will be addressed. The students will be better prepared for the final exams with the help of the IGKO sample papers.
Take these Previous Year Papers and evaluate your preparation. We also provide reports and analysis which are very useful for your preparations. In order to get full access to our content, we recommend you to buy the suitable content for yourself and get a step ahead.

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You can get a IGKO Previous Year Paper FREE, when you register with us. You can download the paper along with the OMR sheet or attempt the paper online.

6 Previous Year Papers are available for IGKO.

Through IGKO Previous Year Papers you can check your preparation level and know your weak areas and your strengths. It also familiarizes you with the real exam pattern as they are the original PYP's of last 6 years.

SOF Olympiad Trainers IGKO Previous Year Papers are different as only we provide the solution with an explanation for every question.